The Middle School Cross Country season is scheduled to begin on Monday August 29.  The first practice will take place on August 29 at Bushy Run. Students that have been cleared with an up-to-date physical and concussion screening will attend practice by riding the activity bus from his/her middle school to Bushy Run.  Parent Pick-up will be 4:30 PM; it is imperative that students are picked-up on time at 4:30 PM due to the gate being locked. Parents will pick up students at the gated side of the park where the covered pavilion and guest services are located.

The activity bus at Penn Middle School is located through the cafeteria doors. Students will be dismissed by 2:51 pm. At that time, students can pick up their sport bags and go to the cafeteria.

Additional information can be received by contacting Somer Daniels or Eric Reger at 


Cross Country Schedule