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Guidance News

Welcome to Penn Middle School!

Study Skill Tips


• Use your homework book.

• Make sure you have the right supplies (binder, notebook, all purpose folder, soft supply case).

• Keep your backpack and locker neat.

• Pack your backpack the night before.

• Have phone numbers for classmates.


• Make a weekly schedule.

• Keep a monthly calendar.

• Use class time and study halls.

• Have everything you need before you start.

• Combine task.

• Don’t procrastinate!



• Pay attention and sit up strait.

• Look at the speaker.

• Avoid distractions.

• Take notes to help you remember.

• Repeat what is being said in your own word.



• Be an active listener.

• Take notes to help you pay attention.

• Recognize important information.

• Put a question mark in the margin next to anything you do not understand.

• Use abbreviations.

• Put the name of the class, the date, and page number at the top of each page.

• Write on every other line.



• Study in a quiet, comfortable place where you can concentrate.

• Include review time in your weekly schedule.

• Make a study sheet.

• Put a question mark next to the information you are unsure about.

• Study with a friend.

• Get a good night’s rest and eat a healthy breakfast.

• Read and follow directions carefully.

• If you don’t know an answer, skip it. Go back to it later.

Anti-Bullying Program

6th grade students will be discussing bully prevention topics in their semester Study Skills class.  Some of the topics to be discussed are:  Types of bullying, Cyber bullying, Self-Esteem, Peer Pressure, Friendships, and Respect.  

7th & 8th grade students will gather once monthly to view an Anti-Bullying program in the auditorium.  7th grade students will follow-up with a class discussion in their Science or Social Studies class and 8th grade student will follow-up in their Gym & Health class.  Below is a list of upcoming events: