PTSD Mission Statement - Effective, efficient, quality education


Penn Middle School Vision Statement - Penn Middle School will foster an environment where all middle-level students excel academically, socially, and emotionally through the collaborative efforts of school personnel, community members, and students.



The Middle School is designed to meet the transitional needs of students between the ages of ten and fourteen. The middle school will provide a program and an environment designed to help students progress intellectually, socially, physically, and emotionally in ways which, enhance the individual’s self image, offer opportunities for success, foster “active” learning, promote exploration, and encourage students to assume responsibility for their own behavior, as well as become responsible members of society.  Emphasized in the middle school’s educational process are provisions for assisting students in becoming independent learners, in acquiring self-direction and motivation, and learning how to learn independently. 

The middle concept of a “school within a school” is emphasized as students migrate from self-contained elementary classrooms to partially contained classes in sixth grade to a full day, 8-period, mixed schedule in seventh and eighth. The core subject areas (reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies) and the special area subjects are coordinated to produce a well-rounded, mature student who is proficient in academics. Through programs like Organizational Support, Proficiency Prep, After-School Tutoring, and the Student Assistance Program, students who are struggling academically or otherwise can receive extra tutoring and/or mentoring.

It is our goal to work with parents and children to provide a quality-learning environment.  Our collective success lies in our ability to communicate effectively and work together. We want all of our students to meet their academic potential, establish quality relationships with other students and staff, discover their individual talents, and enjoy the overall school experience.


Principal Jim Simpson