20-21 Instructional Offerings

2020-2021 School Year Instructional Choices

Traditional In-school Instruction

Digital At-home Instruction

PT e-Academy

Similar to the previous school years

Digital learning lead by current grade/subject level staff

Online cyber-school offered through Westmoreland County Schools whereas students would remain a PTSD student.

Face-to-face learning at Penn Middle

Live and/or video recordings of lessons done by PT teachers for students at home

Teacher-to-student virtual learning at home.

Students will follow their regular schedule but with new health and safety measures.

Will parallel the school lessons as closely as possible with increased teacher to student virtual interaction

Students learn asynchronously with Local Westmoreland County Teachers. 

Check PT e-Academy link for more information.

Students can choose to participate in any extracurricular options that are offered by PTSD

Similar to April & May structure but improved teaching structure and strategies.

Cyber-school courses but with local teachers.

 If you would like to discuss these offerings or questions about certain portions of the return to school plan, please email (simpsonj@penntrafford.org) or call me at 724-744-4431.  Jim Simpson