Middle School Students Experience Financial Reality

On Friday, February 11, 8th-grade students from Penn and Trafford Middle Schools participated in a Financial Reality Fair hosted by PHEPLE Credit Union.  During the event, PHEPLE volunteers discussed several different aspects of the students' financial future.  Some of these topics included taxes, savings, student loans, credit, and monthly expenses like cell phones, cable/internet, housing, transportation, food, utilities, entertainment, and clothing.  

Students selected potential future careers and were asked to make financial decisions based upon their job’s starting salary.  They used their monthly net salary and deducted the many monthly expenses to see if they could "make ends meet" and save money.  

Each student spun the "Wheel of Reality" that included positive and negative financial situations that can occur throughout life.  Some students saw financial success while others landed themselves in debt.  Regardless of the individual financial outcome, it was a beneficial experience for all the students.  It was the first time many of the students were introduced to the financial terms and budgeting that will be required in their future.